Welcome to the Michigan Trapshooting Association. Located in the heart of the beautiful Great Lakes State, the MTA home grounds are easily accessible on a major highway, with restaurants, motels, airports, stores, and a wide variety of cultural and recreational opportunities nearby. MAP

*Thank you*

It takes many people, paid and volunteers, to carry out a successful Trap Shoot. The MTA Board of Directors send a grateful “Thank You” to everyone who contributed and helped with the MTA shoots over the past years. You are all Champions of Michigan Trapshooting.

*Board of Directors Corner*

Your MTA Board of Directors met on October 15, 2016. Ryan Ewing has been added to the Board and we still have two open seats. Ryan is the keeper of our MTA website. If you don’t yet know him, look for him in Classification and Squading at the Spring Team Shoot.

Financially, the MTA is in pretty good shape, with about $85,900 in the bank. This is good as it takes about $80,000 to make it over the winter to our next shoot. Things like taxes, insurance premiums, and utilities need to be paid. Did you know that on the equal monthly payment plan our electric bill is about $1,300 every month?

We are continuing to work to find adequate trap help. Discussions have started with a group that travels from New York to Florida scoring and loading traphouses.

Many of you know that we have added a day (Thursday) to the Spring and Fall Team Shoots. We will also add another preliminary day, Tuesday May 23, to the Great Lakes Grand. For each of these added days, expect a program of 100 Singles, 100 ‘caps, and 50 pair of doubles.

Our next Board meeting is December 10.