Welcome to the M.T.A.

Welcome to the Michigan Trapshooting Association. Located in Mason, Michigan in the heart of the beautiful Great Lakes State, the MTA home grounds are easily accessible on a major highway, with restaurants, motels, airports, stores, and a wide variety of cultural and recreational opportunities nearby. The MTA hosts 4 major trap shoots per year with a facility that includes 44 trap fields, over 150 campsites, and over 300 acres of gorgeous Michigan landscape. The MTA also hosts A.I.M., S.C.T.P., & High School events including State and Regional Competitions. MAP

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Board of Directors Corner
November/December 2018 Edition

Your Board of Directors met October 20 and will meet again on December 15. I did get a question about what we do at these late fall and winter meetings. Well, the programs and booklets don’t write themselves! Do we need to change pricing in response to the January 2019 increase in the minimum wage? We have received an offer from an adjacent landowner to buy a piece of our property that we don’t use. There’s a lot to discuss.

I’m pleased to report that the second ever National High School Championship Shoot will be held at our Home Grounds July 10-14, 2019. We expect about 1400-1600 young shooters. Practice will start at noon on July 10 and continue on July 11. The team championships start Friday morning, the individual competition starts Saturday morning and the finals of both the team and individual events are Sunday. If you’re interested in volunteering please contact any director. We had quite a few volunteer Range Safety Officers and I believe all of them had a great experience. We will also need help with parking as we now have the new parking area at the West end past the campground.
Working with parking can be a fun job. One lady drove a long way to get to Mason and asked me how much farther she had to drive to get to the trap club where trap 39 was because her grandson was shooting there. She knew it had to be at a different club because no club has 39 traps, after all, the biggest club in her home state has 14 traps. I assured her that she was at the right club and trap 39 was about half a mile (we would know trap 39 as the B trap on bank 10). After repeating this discussion twice, I think she finally believed me as she drove away from bank 1 toward bank 10.

Two different local High School coaches asked me why the MTA was not open for evening or weekend practice. The MTA operates under a Special Use Permit (SUP) with the local township (Vevay Township). This SUP limits us to 26 shooting days per year and has additional requirements setting the time when we can use the PA and play the National Anthem, when lights can be used, and other things such as dust control and lead reclamation. This SUP dates back to 1990 with a small amendment in 1994. Much has changed since the SUP was completed and the Board has completed a rewrite which is now before the Township. The process to get this change requires public hearings and other meetings which should be in early 2019.

We had a lot of labor issues at the Fall Team Shoot. We are changing the way we recruit local labor and expect that we can get past this issue.

Our next ATA shoot in Mason is the 28th Annual Spring Team Shoot May 2-5, 2019. Remember to support your local clubs as there are still quite a few shoots this year.

Safe Hunting and Happy Holidays to all!