Welcome to the M.T.A.

Welcome to the Michigan Trapshooting Association. Located in Mason, Michigan in the heart of the beautiful Great Lakes State, the MTA home grounds are easily accessible on a major highway, with restaurants, motels, airports, stores, and a wide variety of cultural and recreational opportunities nearby. The MTA hosts 4 major trap shoots per year with a facility that includes 44 trap fields, over 150 campsites, and over 300 acres of gorgeous Michigan landscape. The MTA also hosts A.I.M., S.C.T.P., & High School events including State and Regional Competitions. MAP

Board of Directors Corner
Post State Shoot Edition

After every shoot at the Michigan Trapshooting Association Homegrounds, shooters ask “What are the next shoot dates?”, “How was the turnout?” and many other useful questions. While I can’t answer all the questions in the space allotted, here are some answers after the conclusion of the
107th annual Michigan State Shoot.
The next shoot is the 43rd annual Fall Team Shoot,
from September 7 – 10, 2017, with Sunday, September 10 as the team event day.

The 2018 shoot dates are:
Spring Team Shoot – May 3-6, 2018
Great Lakes Grand American – May 22-27, 2018
Michigan State Shoot – June 26-July 1, 2018
Fall Team Shoot – September 6-9, 2018

For the 2017 State Shoot, we had sunny but windy weather despite dire forecasts of several days of thundershowers. Each of the last three years we had 15 events.
In 2015, we had 627 shooters and threw 336,100 registered targets.
In 2016, we had 632 shooters and threw 316,900 registered targets.
In 2017, we had 656 shooters and threw 308,400 registered targets.

In 2017, participation was up the first day and even with last year on the second day. On the third, fourth, and fifth day, participation was down 40 to 50 shooters per event. It’s possible that the very bad weather forecasts kept shooters at home. On Saturday and Sunday participation was up about 20 shooters per event.

As always at the Michigan State Shoot, there were several fun events, including Leland Hassler winning the shootoff for a golf cart, and the “Shells for a Year” were split for the second year in a row. This year between Bill Grill and Victoria Ternes. Well, ending up with 26 flats of shells each is not all bad.

The MTA Hall of Fame had a very successful silent auction, raising funds for building improvements.

The MTA Board of Directors was reelected and the 2017-18 officers are:
Larry Telfer – President
JB Lewis – Vice President
Jeff Russell – Secretary – Treasurer

I’ve said it before, but a shoot this size is a real team effort. The volunteer target setters, the volunteers in squadding and classification, scorers, cashiers, setters, shootoff referees, and line supervisors all have important roles in getting great targets for us to shoot at and hit.

Thanks to all involved!!