Hall of Fame

In 2014, the MTA Board of Directors reinstated the MTA Hall of Fame Board of Directors to fulfill the objectives of the MTA Hall of Fame: Give recognition to Michigan individuals who have distinguished themselves in registered trapshooting competitions or have contributed outstanding work in the promotion, administration, management, improvement, and growth of registered trapshooting, and to collect and maintain historical artifacts and material pertaining to Michigan Trapshooting, which will be available to the public.

The new Hall of Fame Board – Carl Chadwell, Richard Jenson, Sally Telfer and Mike Wilson – have been working diligently since this past summer and, with the MTA Board, are excited to report some major changes coming in 2015 to the MTA Hall of Fame.

The first major change will be obvious when you attend the 2015 Spring Team Shoot. Hall of Fame Inductee photos have been scanned (for permanent preservation), re-framed, and will be relocated to a prominent location in the clubhouse.

Second, Michigan trapshooting historical research is ongoing and this information will be made available to all. You can expect to see future displays in the new HOF area highlighting Michigan trap shooters, interesting Michigan trapshooting history, and trapshooting artifacts. The HOF Board wishes to thank George Snellenberger for loaning his Trap & Field Magazine collection for research, and Terry Heeg (Trap & Field Editor), Dave Price, and Tom Stewart for their past contributions to Michigan Trapshooting historical research.

The HOF BOD is planning annual HOF celebrations, to honor current and past HOF inductees. Current and past inductees and their families are invited to attend the yearly reunions held at the Michigan State Shoot. Everyone watch for future announcements.

As expected, there is a cost to all of these improvements. The HOF BOD is planning on fundraising and sponsorship activities for the coming year. Please consider supporting our Hall of Fame activities, either financially or by volunteering your help. If you would like to help, please contact any HOF Board member or MTA Board member. You may also contact Sally Telfer at sltelfer@hotmail.com or 734-358-7767.



Year Inducted

Max E. Hensler 1990*
Karl Maust 1990*
Ned Lilly 1990*
George Snellenberger 1990
Art Hickey 1990*
William W. Harrington 1990*
Boyd R. Williams 1990*
Hugh Driggs 1990*
George E. McKay 1990*
John T. Jones 1991*
June E. Grant 1991*
Fred G. Ford 1991*
L.F. (Bud) Loucks 1991*
Clae S. Montgomery 1991*
Gerald Grimes 1992
Carl Chadwell 1992
Various Frank Woods 1993
Russ Saathoff 1993*
William Barringer 1994*
Rita Piccobotta 1995*
Earl Munson 1996
Richard Musetti 1996
Roy Atkinson 1996*
Charles R. Nicosia 1997
Joseph Loving 1998*
Dewayne (Bud) Kitley 1998
James Neal Ballard 2000
Jodene Phenicie 2000
Robert Scheonrock 2001
Walter J. Schneider 2001*
Keith Heeg 2002
Roberta Rutledge 2003
William R. (Dick) Turner 2004
Jacque Snellenberger 2005
Mary Lou Kollar 2007
Norris (Chad) Chadwell 2007
Barry Kemper 2009
Joe Greene 2013*
Robin Fitzgibbons 2013
Kathy Fitzgibbons 2013
Ken Smith 2013
Richard Jensen 2013
Delbert Nye 2015

The purpose of the Michigan Trapshooting Association Hall of Fame is to:

Give recognition to Michigan individuals, living or decreased, who over the years, have distinguished themselves in registered trapshooting competitions by winning at State, Zone, Satellite Grand and Grand American events;

Recognize those Michigan individuals, living or deceased, who have contributed outstanding work in the promotion, administration, management, improvement, and growth of registered trapshooting;

Collect and maintain historical artifacts and material pertaining to Michigan trapshooting, which will be available to the public, including but not limited to shooting artifacts, photographs, magazines, trade literature, and records of competition, memorabilia, videos, and items donated by or on behalf of Michigan trapshooting.

Any Michigan resident who is a member of the Amateur Trapshooting Association may submit the name of an individual for consideration by the Hall of Fame Board. The submission must be in writing along with a resume of qualifications for the individual.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for MTA HOF consideration, a nominee shall have been:
• a member of the ATA, Life or Annual, for not less than fifteen (15) years,
• an active registered shooting member of the MTA for not less than fifteen (15) years
• And a resident of Michigan for not less than fifteen (15) years.
The MTA HOF Board may recommend honorary induction to the Hall of Fame of a candidate who meets all other qualifications except residency.)

A nominee may be selected based on shooting merit, administrative merit or a combination of both.

Shooting Merit:

The nominee or nominee sponsor must submit a fully completed shooting merit form (MTA Form SM1) that details their abilities in the field of registered ATA clay target competition. Please include the following information: MTA Awards, Grand American Awards, State Championships other than MTA, Satellite Grand Awards, Other Major Championships, Contributions to the sport, and Target attainment.

Administrative Merit:

The nominee or nominee sponsor must submit a fully completed Administrative Merit Form (MTA Form AM1). The nominee shall have performed exceptional, outstanding, and unselfish work for the Michigan Trapshooting Association over a period of many years. (NOTE: Such work must have been undertaken in a voluntary manner.)

Nominee Forms/Resume:

The MTA HOF Board will be given as much information as possible for each nominee. It is mandatory that the nominee or his/her sponsor complete MTA Form SM1 for Shooting Merit or MTA Form AM1 for Administrative Merit or both forms when the nominee is qualified for both respective areas. Note: No nominee shall be inducted into the Hall of Fame, regardless of any other qualifications, who has been suspended by the Amateur Trapshooting Association within the previous five (5) years, or has exhibited significant unsportsmanlike conduct. Applicants are required to include any ATA sanctions that have been placed against the nominee as part of their application along with any pertinent documents.

HOF Nominee Forms/Resumes should be sent to the attention of:

MTA Hall of Fame Chairman 1534 W. Service Road
Mason, Michigan 48854

The HOF nominee resume must be received no later than January 1st current year to be considered for HOF induction at the Michigan State shoot the following year.

Hall of Fame Resume Form

For more information, or to make donations to the Michigan Trapshooting Hall of Fame, contact Michigan Trapshooting Board of Directors or Michigan Trapshooting Hall of Fame Board.