How to make a Nomination for the Hall of Fame

Any Michigan resident who is a member of the Amateur Trapshooting Association may submit the name of an individual for consideration by the Hall of Fame Board. The submission must be in writing along with a resume of qualifications for the individual.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for MTA HOF consideration, a nominee shall have been:
• a member of the ATA, Life or Annual, for not less than fifteen (15) years,
• an active registered shooting member of the MTA for not less than fifteen (15) years
• And a resident of Michigan for not less than fifteen (15) years.
The MTA HOF Board may recommend honorary induction to the Hall of Fame of a candidate who meets all other qualifications except residency.)

A nominee may be selected based on shooting merit, administrative merit or a combination of both.

Shooting Merit:

The nominee or nominee sponsor must submit a fully completed shooting merit form (MTA Form SM1) that details their abilities in the field of registered ATA clay target competition. Please include the following information: MTA Awards, Grand American Awards, State Championships other than MTA, Satellite Grand Awards, Other Major Championships, Contributions to the sport, and Target attainment.

Administrative Merit:

The nominee or nominee sponsor must submit a fully completed Administrative Merit Form (MTA Form AM1). The nominee shall have performed exceptional, outstanding, and unselfish work for the Michigan Trapshooting Association over a period of many years. (NOTE: Such work must have been undertaken in a voluntary manner.)

Nominee Forms/Resume:

The MTA HOF Board will be given as much information as possible for each nominee. It is mandatory that the nominee or his/her sponsor complete MTA Form SM1 for Shooting Merit or MTA Form AM1 for Administrative Merit or both forms when the nominee is qualified for both respective areas. Note: No nominee shall be inducted into the Hall of Fame, regardless of any other qualifications, who has been suspended by the Amateur Trapshooting Association within the previous five (5) years, or has exhibited significant unsportsmanlike conduct. Applicants are required to include any ATA sanctions that have been placed against the nominee as part of their application along with any pertinent documents.

Hall of Fame Shooting Merit Resume Form
Hall of Fame Administrative Merit Resume Form

HOF Nominee Forms/Resumes should be sent to the attention of:
MTA Hall of Fame Chairman
PO Box 235
Mason, Michigan 48854

The HOF nominee resume must be received no later than January 1st current year to be considered for HOF induction at the Michigan State shoot the following year.

Phone: 517-676-2295 / Email: