Dewayne “Bud” Kitley – 1998

Dewayne (Bud) Kitley
Bud started shooting registered targets in 1963. He has been involved with the Munith Gun Club since 1960 either as an officer or director. This year Bud will be attending his 35th consecutive Grand American.

Bud has been on the Michigan Trapshooting Association Board of Directors since 1989, 4 years as President. He was instrumental in improvements to the MTA, and influenced State laws and ATA policies.

When anti-gunners tried to shut down the MTA, Bud got politicians involved. The Michigan politicians passed a law that protected gun clubs.

The ATA target year used to run from January 1 – December 31. Bud had a discussion with MTA delegate, Joe Loving, requesting ATA start the target year on September 1. He reasoned that the World Series is held at the end of the baseball season and, since the August held Grand American is trapshooting’s World Series, our target year should end after the Grand American. Because of this ATA change, those trapshooters living in colder climates have more time to register targets in good weather and have them count in the new target year.

Before Bud’s time, we parked only on the east end of the MTA grounds and either walked or road a wagon to the west end to shoot. Bud was instrumental in opening up the west end for car traffic thus making it easier for shooters who shot on those trap fields.

Bud was involved in negotiations with VeVay Township that opened up the use of our MTA grounds for events other than trapshooting. This allows us to improve revenue on the use of our beautiful MTA grounds.

While Bud’s most significant contributions have been in the administration of the MTA, he has had success as a shooter. Bud has won trophies in Michigan, at the Grand, and in Florida. Bud has been on the Michigan All-State Team several times.

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