Frank R. Galonis – 2016

Frank R. Galonis
Frank describes himself as the proud parent and grandparent of 3 children and 3 grandchildren. He also is proud of his work as a Ford Motor Co. engineer, a Green Beret (1970-1973), and, for the past 35 years, a competitive trapshooter. In 1982, a hunting buddy suggested Frank might be good at trapshooting. The friend was right and Frank had early success. In short order, Frank had landed a spot on the New York All-State Trapshooting team. He was captain of that team when he moved his family to Michigan in 1989.

Frank’s trophy wins are too numerous to list here. His success covers all disciplines – Singles, Handicap, Doubles, HAA, and HOA. He has won 4 awards at the Grand American, 17 trophies at the Great Lakes Grand, 29 awards at the Michigan State Shoot, and numerous awards at the Southern Grand, Central Zone, Indiana State, Ohio State, South Carolina State, Oklahoma State, and Tennessee State shoots. Frank has been on the Michigan All-State Team 24 times and, in addition to New York, he was Captain of the Michigan All-State Men’s Team for 9 years. Frank earned a spot on the ATA All-American Team in the 1990s.

Frank introduced his son, Frankie Joe, to trapshooting and is as proud of his son’s accomplishments as his own. His son won as a Sub-Junior and Junior, making the All-American Team 3 times. Frank’s favorite trophy is the Parent-Child trophy he won with Frankie Joe. Frank also contributed to other youth shooters in Michigan. He gave ATA annual memberships to Junior and Sub-Junior shooters in Michigan for 4 years.

As of 2015, Frank has shot 119,750 Singles targets, 96,300 Handicap targets, and 66,000 Doubles targets. In his 35 years of trapshooting competition, Frank held a singles average over 97 % 17 years, 12 of those years over 98%. He also held a handicap average over 90% for 21 years and a doubles average over 90% for 32 years.

Frank’s fondest trapshooting memories are of the many friends and acquaintances he has made while visiting shooting venues throughout the country. Frank remains an active shooter today and enjoys seeing the many friends he has made over the years. He also continues to win events and is a strong competitor. “We may be friends,” Frank says, “as long as we are not facing the targets. Then we are competitors.”

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