Gerald E. Grimes – 1992

Gerald E. Grimes
Jerry came by his trapshooting naturally. His grandfather was a successful registered and competitive trap shooter from the 1890’s to 1904. Jerry moved to Michigan in 1949 and started shooting trap and skeet in 1959. In 1961 Jerry began registered trapshooting and really got into the game in 1964. By then he had picked up several yards in handicap and had a particularly good shoot at Reno where he broke three 99’s, one of them won the handicap on Saturday after a two round shoot-off.

Jerry has 144,100 16-yard targets in the book and approximately 300,000 with handicap and doubles included. He has more than 25 years at the 27-yard line and is on the Michigan All-State Team. He has shot all over the country but his best successes were shoots in Florida where he won over 200 trophies. In 1975 he won the first All-American Marathon at Sarasota with a 497 x 500. He has several 100’s in doubles.

During Michigan State Shoots he has won the 16-yard Championship once, Doubles once and runner-up seven times. The All-Around was his twice and the high Over-All several times. At Michigan State Shoots he has broken 3 – 200’s, one at the Great Lakes and one in a Zone Shoot. At a Marathon at Birmingham he broke 597 of 600 straight three times. In 1975 Jerry made the Sports Afield All-American Team after a good 1974. He had a good shoot at Las Vegas at the Mint Shoot, 200 in 16 yards and 2 – 97’s from the 27-yard line in the last two handicaps. Over the last 32 years Jerry has been a prolific winner.

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