Hugh Driggs – 1990

Hugh Driggs
Hugh Driggs started trap shooting in 1959. Only one year later he broke a 99 from the 20-yard line to finish second in the Vandalia Handicap. From 1967 through 1987, 21 years, his 16-yard average exceeded 98% every year. Driggs made the All-American trap team three times and the second team twice. Michigan State titles include 1978, 1979, and 1985 singles; 1965, 1967, 1970, and 1974 doubles; 1962 and 1968 All-Around. He won many other 16-yard events in class events, high Over-Alls, preliminary doubles, etc.

At the Grand in 1962, Hugh won Class A in the Dayton Homecoming, in 1964 Doubles Class A with a 97, 1968 Doubles with 100, All-Around Champion with 395 plus 39 x 40 in shoot-off and High Over-All Champion with 985 x 1000 – in 1969 Class AA Runner-up with 200, Class Doubles AA 3rd with 99 plus 80 straight in shoot-off, Doubles Champion with 99 x 100 – In 1971, he won Class Doubles AA 4th with 98 plus 20-19-18 in shoot-off – 1972 Class Singles AA with 200 plus 100-24 in shoot-off – 1975 Preliminary Singles AA Champ with 100, Clay Target Championship Runner-up with 200 plus 249 x 250, and Dayton Homecoming Runner-up with 200 plus 100-25-24 in shoot-off.

Hugh’s high Over-All record at the Grand set in 1968 stood until 1988 when Brad Dysinger recorded a 986 x 1000. The All-Around record set in 1968 stood until 1978 when Leo Harrison III racked up 396. The current record set in 1983 by Roger Smith stands at 399 x 400.

Hugh went on the board of the MTA early in 1969. He replaced Bill Harrington who resigned as a board member to assume the manager’s position. Hugh served the board a great many years as President, Director and ATA Delegate. His background fit into the board very well. We had so many things that dealt with decisions to be made in this rural farm area. Everything from land bank, taxes, equipment, and having a man on the board that knew and could understand the many problems that came up in working with the rural local community. Hugh took some kidding about being one of the largest paid farmers for growing nothing in the government plan of reducing the planting of acreage. It was substantial. Hugh helped on programs, setting of the traps and making many decisions that a good ATA delegate must field.

(* Deceased)

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