Jacque Snellenberger – 2005

Jacque Snellenberger
Jacque Snellenberger is an accomplished trap shooter, as well as fifth grade teacher, ballroom dancer, volleyball player, columnist for Trap & Field, and volunteer for Women in the Outdoors.

Jacque started registering targets at the age of 15. She came by her talent naturally and has worked diligently to develop her skills in trap shooting. Her parents, George and Kitty, introduced her to the sport – both are accomplished trap shooters. George has been inducted into the Indiana, Michigan, and ATA Hall of Fames.

During her trapshooting career, Jacque has accumulated a long list of accomplishments. She has been selected to the ATA All-American Teams for 12 consecutive years: 1994 – 1996 to the Women’s 2nd Team and 1997 – 2005 to the Women’s 1st Team.

Some of her major wins include to date:
Grand American
Lady Champion of Champions 1999 & 2004
Lady Clay Target Champion 2003
Vandalia Handicap Champion 2001
26 other Grand American Trophies

Satellite Grands
10 Northeastern Grand Lady Championships, Grand Handicap Champion 1997
Southwestern Grand Singles Lady Champion
4 Great Lakes Grand Lady Championships

Central Zone
Central Zone ATA Champion 2003
4 Central Zone Lady Championships

Michigan State Shoot
2002 Michigan State Handicap Champion
6 Singles Lady Championships
8 Doubles Lady Championships
3 Handicap Lady Championships
7 HAA Lady Championships
9 HOA Lady Championships
46 other Michigan State trophies

She has won numerous trophies in other states – New York, Iowa, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Indiana – 19 Singles Lady Championships, 10 Doubles Lady Championships, 5 Handicap Lady Championships, 10 HAA Lady Championships, 11 HOA Lady Championships, and 54 other State trophies.

Jacque has also volunteered at the MTA, working in scoring and trophies.

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