James Creighton – 2019

Jim is a lifelong resident of Manistique, Michigan, where his family owned the UP’s oldest Ford dealership in Michigan (1924-2006). Jim started out shooting skeet before his uncle, Harold Shust, introduced him to trapshooting.

Jim had early success in trapshooting events. He shot his first 100 straight in singles in his second year of competition, 1 week before his uncle Harold carded his first 100 straight. Jim won the President’s Handicap at the 1981 State Shoot with 98/100 and a shoot-off. His two most memorable wins were the HOA at the 2001 Michigan State Shoot and the Doubles Championship at the 2008 Michigan State Shoot. He broke 100 in the program and went on to beat a fellow Hall of Famer in the shoot-off. To date, Jim has carded 100/100 singles 171 times, 200/200 singles 17 times, and 100 straight doubles 4 times. Jim has been on the Michigan All State Team 18 consecutive years since 2001.

Jim has many fond memories of the UP shoots and shooters. He shot his first 200 in singles and first 100 in doubles in the UP. Jim has set records among his fellow Yooper trapshooters. He was first to make the 27 yard line (1990). He won the 1991 UP Championships when he topped his competitors in the singles, handicap, doubles, and HAA. He is the only Yooper to make AA-27-AA (1999) and 1 of 5 Michiganders and the only Yooper to make AAA-27-AAA (2008). In 2005, he carded a 99.21 average in Singles.

Jim has always been an advocate for UP shooting. He runs the last remaining registered trapshooting venue in the UP (1978-2019). He served on the MTA BOD for 3 years and 4 years as alternate delegate. Jim likes the competition of trapshooting, “The one-on-one of you against the field.” He and his wife, Cathy, spend winters in Arizona where he continues to enjoy the sport of trapshooting.

Phone: 517-676-2295 / Email: michigantrap@gmail.com