James Neal Ballard – 2000

James Neal Ballard

James Neal Ballard, known by those who have met him as a “gentleman shooter and sportsman,” was born in Arkansas and moved to Michigan at the age of 16. He started registering targets in 1972 and has earned numerous shooting championships in his shooting career. Neal earned AA-27-AA status in 1997. He has carried a singles average over 98% and doubles average over 90% numerous times and holds the distinction of having scored 100 straight in the 1990 Grand American Handicap Championship.

Great Lakes Handicap Champion (Before it was the Great Lakes Grand)
Great Lakes 16 yard Champion (Before it was the Great Lakes Grand)
Ohio State Preliminary Handicap Runner-up with 98 in shoot-off
1981 – Singles Championship Runner-up (200 and 125 in shoot-off), State Shoot Singles, 499 x 500
1983 – Fall Team Shoot AA Champion
Grand American Clay Target Championship – 200 x 200
1985 – Fred Bear High Over All Champion
1986 – Fred Bear 16 Yard Champion, 199 and shoot-off
Fall Team Shoot Singles Champion
1987 – Fall Team Autumn Singles Runner-up
1989 – Ohio State N/R Handicap Champion
Central Zone, Michigan 16 Yard Champion, 200 and shoot-off
Ohio State N/R Class A Doubles
1990 – Grand American Handicap, 3rd Place, 100 x 100
Fall Team Shoot, 1st AA Team
1991 – Pre-Grand Class A Doubles
Grand American Clay Target Champion, 200 x 200
1992 – Spring Team Doubles Runner-up
Michigan State Shoot, Singles Champion and AA Champion in 2 events
Fall Team Shoot, 10 Yard Runner-up
1993 – Dixie Grand Class A Doubles
Zone 3, 25-27 Yard Champion
1996 – Spring Team Shoot, 27 Yard Champion
1997 – Spring Team Shoot, 25-27 Yard Champion
Zone 3, 16 yard Champion, Handicap Champion, & HOA Champion
Fred Bear Preliminary Doubles Champion & HOA Champion
Oakhill 30th Anniversary Shoot, Doubles Champion & HOA Champion
1998 – Arkansas State Shoot, Class AA Singles
1999 – Oklahoma State Shoot, Prelim Doubles N/R Class A Champion
Arkansas State Shoot, Prelim Handicap Runner-up & AA Champion
Arkansas State Team

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