June E. Grant – 1991

June E. Grant
June now resides in Ann Arbor. She started shooting at an early age. At six years of age she shot her first pheasant. Her first date with her future husband was a pheasant hunt. Bob, her husband, loaned her a Model 12 he had picked up at the Fort Benning Post Exchange, and after three trips through the cornfield, she had 3 roosters – and Bob had yet to fire a shot.

June was active in the Tri-County Sportsman’s League at Saline, Michigan. She won the club trap championships on several occasions and shot in the team races of MUCC.

Her first registered targets were in 1973, and as of this time, she has more than 50,000 16-yard targets and 25,000 each in handicap and doubles. She became the first lady member of the Birmingham Club and is a life member of both the ATA and MTA.

June followed the Florida Chain shoots for many years starting in 1975. In 1983 she was a member of the Ladies All-American Second Team and in the same year was No. 3 Lady nationally in Over-All Averages. June was punched to the 27-yard line in August of 1987 at Jaqua’s.

June has had a lot of wins:
1988 – Michigan All-Around with 369
1987 – RU Michigan Warm-up singles (100) and HOA (896 x 1000)
1986 – Michigan Singles (193 x 200), Doubles (90), and HOA (913 x 1000)
1985 – Michigan Singles (194 x 200), Doubles (94), HOA (932 x 1000), and HNCP (97 x 100 from 24 ½)
1984 – Michigan Wednesday Singles warm up (98), Class Championship (192), and Doubles (93)
1983 – Michigan Class Championship (196), Doubles (94), HOA (957 x 1000), and RU Wagner HDCP (98)
1982 – Michigan Class Championship (197), Doubles (88), HOA (936 x 1000)
1981 & 1982 – Won Preliminary GAH Doubles with 92’s

(* Deceased)

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