Ken Smith – 2013

Ken Smith
Ken is always a competitor who loves to shoot and is humble when asked about his shooting accomplishments. Ken has mentored many shooters from the new to the more seasoned who are looking to improve their shooting experience. When asked to share his thoughts, experiences, and philosophies about shooting, Ken is quick to point out that a person needs to stay focused, have fun and that “it costs less to break a target than to miss it.” Ken has always been a volunteer, willing to do any task, from serving as an MTA Hall of Fame committee member, target setting, scoring, to kitchen help. Ken always brings great enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Ken is most proud that he has had the good fortune to compete against and with his son, Scott. They have won 7 Parent/Child awards. Ken has a singles long run record of 752 straight and has won over 70 trophies when competing in events with All-American recognition. Ken has shot on a 500 out of 500 squad 1 time and a 499 out of 500 squad twice.

Some of his shooting accomplishments include:
Michigan State Shoot
1995 Singles Championship Parent/Child 395/400
Singles Championship Champion 200
1996 Singles Championship Parent/Child 394/400
1997 Singles Championship RU 200
1999 Singles Championship RU 199
HAA Champion 390/400
HOA RU 959/1000
2000 HOA Champion 1363/1400
2001 Singles Championship Parent/Child 397/400
2002 Singles Championship Parent/Child 398/400
Handicap Championship RU 99 (27)
HAA Champion 395/400
HOA RU 1072/1100
2004 Singles Championship Parent/Child 393/400
2005 Singles Championship Parent/Child 398/400
2006 Singles Championship Parent/Child 393/400
2009 Handicap Event 13 Vet Champion 97 (27)
2010 Handicap Event 13 Vet Champion 96 (27)
HAA Vet Champion 384/400

MI Fall Team Shoot
1998 Autumn Hdcp 26-27 yard Champion 99 (27)
2001 Doubles Championship Champion 99
2004 Singles Championship Champion 200
HOA RU 490/500
2008 HOA RU 959/1000
2009 Fall Handicap Vet Champion 96 (27)

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