Martin V. Clark – 1990

Martin V. Clark
Historic research uncovered some interesting information about the MTA Hall of Fame beginnings. Trap & Field Magazine, September 1973, Michigan State shoot article, page 32, reports the following:

“A surprise announcement was that the MTA is starting its own hall of fame for individuals responsible for the organization’s success. Beautiful, framed portraits were donated for the occasion by Paul Bowman and presented to nine long-time members. Ned Lilly, Michigan gunner who has been selected for induction to the ATA’s Hall of Fame, was the first recipient called up for the honor. Others were Clae Montgomery, Boyd Williams, Hugh Driggs, Martin V. Clark, Fred Ford, Art Hickey, Cliff Miller and Bill Harrington, who has been the MTA grounds manager since the Mason site was a cornfield.”

No further mention of the MTA Hall of Fame was found until 1990. Somewhere in time, that first beginning of the MTA Hall of Fame was lost. As the article reports, nine members were inducted into the MTA Hall of Fame in 1973. Seven of those nine members where subsequently inducted into our current Hall of Fame: Ned Lilly, Boyd Williams, Hugh Driggs, Art Hickey, and Bill Harrington in 1990, and Fred Ford and Clae Montgomery in 1991. Two of the 1973 inductees, Cliff Miller and Martin V. Clark, are not in our Hall of Fame. We wish to honor all the 1973 inductees and the MTA Board of Directors and MTA Hall of Fame & Museum Board of Directors have decided to bring all those members inducted in 1973 into our present Hall of Fame.

More biographic information on Martin V. Clark will be included in the future.

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