Norris “Chad” Chadwell – 2007

Norris Chadwell

Born on May 8, 1933, Norris R. “Chad” Chadwell had no idea what a trap shoot was until the mid-1960s. Chadwell served on the MTA trap setting committee for 14 years, and has served as Michigan’s ATA Alternate Delegate. He is an NRA member, ATA Life member, and MUCC (Michigan United Conservation Club) member.

Chadwell was involved with the running of the Auburn Heights Gun Club for over 20 years in all capacities-Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President, and President. He has also been a member of the Birmingham Gun Club for 40 years, serving for several years on the Board of Directors.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Chad was on the Board of Directors for the Midwest Industrial Trapshooting Corporation, where he served as Secretary, Vice-President, President and Chairman. During this time, the Midwest Industrial Trap Shoot grew from 4 teams to over 200 teams.

Chadwell has shot over 325,000 registered targets to date and has attended over 40 Grand Americans. He advanced to the 27-yard line for the 1st time in 1989. Chadwell and his son, Carl, were the first Parent & Child in ATA history with 100,000 registered singles each and 100,000 registered handicap targets each and are members in the Quarter Million Club, ATA members with a combined total of 250,000 or more registered targets.

In 1969, Chad had the ATA highest singles average (97.20). But shortly after, tragedy struck when Chadwell was shooting his Remington 1100 without protective glasses and a piece of burnt paper blew into his shooting eye. Even after many doctors’ visits and 5 surgeries, his vision would never be the same. There is no telling what Chad might have accomplished in trap shooting had this event not happened, but he still enjoys the sport to the fullest.

Chadwell has helped countless shooters with everything from shoot instruction, advice on shooting, help with broken guns, gun fitting, reloading questions and helping fix loaders. He is always there to give encouragement and whatever else is needed. Chadwell has been an Ambassador to trap shooting for almost half a century and his contributions of many years of dedication and service in shoot management, shooting assistance, as well as shooting awards (See MTA HOF book for list of shooting awards) make him an excellent candidate for this honor.

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