Russ Saathoff – 1993

Russ Saathoff
Russ shot his first registered trap targets in 1962 and non-registered for 10 years prior. To date he has 176,800 16-yard targets, 99,000 handicap and 40,850 doubles registered. Most of his shooting career has been on the 27-yard line.

Russ spent 10 years on the MTA Board holding office as Vice-President, ATA Delegate, and Alternate Delegate. Russ became very active on the Board in 1965. He headed-up the handicapping and trap-setting, wrote the program, and paid attention to so many things that make shoots run smoothly. There always were so many things to handle during the formative days of the MTA home grounds. Certainly the 12 years he spent as owner and manager of the Elkhart Shooting Center in Elkhart, Indiana gave him the knowledge and background to make him able to do a fine job for the MTA.
Russ had an excellent shooting record though a serious auto accident in mid-career slowed him down somewhat. Michigan wins were numerous. Russ won the 1972 State Singles Champion (200 x 200), twice won the High Over-All, won the High All-Around, and also tied for the Doubles Championship. In all, he won 12 other State titles.

At the Grand he won the 1966 Homecoming and in 1964, he was runner-up in the Clay Target Championship, in 1972 he was 3rd in the Champion of Champions race. He had 10 other Grand American trophies including a yardage trophy with 97 from 27-yards. Russ had major wins in Indiana and Ohio State Shoots, in the Chain Shoots in Florida, Arizona, and the West. He has been on the All-State Team 11 years and attended the Grand for 32 years.

(* Deceased)

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