William R. “Dick” Turner – 2004

William R. (Dick) Turner
Dick first worked at Blue Water Sportsmen Club at the age of nine setting targets on skeet machines. He would work all day then spend his wages on shooting. He worked as skeet and trap help until 1952, when he entered into the United States Army. Dick returned from the Army in 1955 and started shooting skeet and trap again. He was elected to the BWSA Board of Directors in 1956. Dick served as BWSA director from 1956-1997, except for a two-year interval. During this time, he was involved in the District 8 Trap League where he maintained and stored their trap machines at his home.

In 1968, the original BWSA club house burned down and a new operation was started at the present site. Members donated most of the work with a large percentage by Dick and his family, along with Bill Berringer, Ed Taylor, Jim Ort, Ron McKinch, and others. The first project after the club house were the first four trap fields. They formed and poured the walls and tops with all volunteer help.

In 1966, Dick joined the ATA and shot his first 700 targets that year. He got involved with the MTA in 1968, when the site was still under construction. He helped with electrical repairs and improvements all through his shooting career and into the present day. Dick also served on the MTA Board of Directors from 1980 – 1986, as President in 1982 and 1983.

Shooting Accomplishments
100,000 16-yard targets in 2001
27-yard line in 1979, 1987, & 1992
MI All-State Team 1980 & 1981
MI Veteran All-State Team 2000 & 2001
1970 Florida Chain Doubles Champion
1979 Florida State Doubles Champion
1981 MI Fall Team – AA Champion Team
1983 Central Zone Class B Doubles
1984 MI State Class B Doubles
1985 MI Fall Team Class B Doubles
1986 MI Spring Team AA Champion Team
1992 MI Spring Team AA Champion Team
1992 Great Lakes Grand Class B DBLS RU
1997 MI Spring Team AA Champion Team
1999 MI Spring Team AA Champion Team
1999 MI State DBLS Vet Champion
2000 MI Handicap DBLS Vet Champion
2000 MI Handicap – HDCP Vet Champion
2001 MI Spring Team AA Champion Team
2001 Great Lakes Grand DBLS Vet Champ
2001 MI State Doubles Veteran Champion
2001 Central Zone HDCP Vet Champion
2002 Southern Grand HDCP Vet
2002 MI Spring Team Champion RU
2002 MI Fall Team B Champion Team
2002 Florida State Class B Singles
2002 Florida State Class B HAA
2003 Michigan State Veteran Doubles
2003 Michigan State Class B Singles RU
75 MUCC and club league trophies

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